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Tuesday, January 19

Fun Quizzes

I had a fun weekend.  Yesterday I was playing 'dress up the Disney princess' on The Official Princess Website with my daughter (my son also loves this game, but it happened to be my daughter this time), when I noticed some other Disney links to click...And I found some fun quizzes!  So here they are for your time-wasting pleasure...

1. Which Pixar character are you?
I am...
"Lightning McQueen"

Self-confident, adventurous, and competitive, you're also a bit of a show-off. And why not? You pride yourself in your appearance and rarely leave the house without being fully buffed and polished. You enjoy long bubble baths, regularly scheduled maintenance, and cruising around town with your sweetie.

My husband and I are...
"Jada Pinkett-Smith & Will Smith"

You're friendly, easy-going and accessible, superstars among friends and strangers alike. Were you to choose your own careers in Hollywood, you'd likely be wildly popular among all four movie-going quadrants -- male, female, young, old. Wherever you go, people love you. You may not be saving the planet any time soon, but you're great parents and a rock solid couple -- and you've got your own set of fans counting on you to make it all look easy.

I am the...
"Accidental Adventurer"

So you don't exactly plan every detail ... you don't need to! Like Russell, adventure finds you! You're the kind of traveler who never gets lost: you always make discoveries to render even the most unintentional detour worthwhile. Your tireless optimism means you rarely see a downside to anything -- you can have a great time in the midst of a grand adventure, or an everyday activity. Every adventure crew needs one of you!

I am...

You're not only classy, you're a classic. Like so many fashion icons before you, you appreciate good fabrics, great cut, and fine tailoring. You read all the fashion magazines and keep up on the runways shows in Paris, Milan, and Manhattan -- if only on a fantasy level. Your favorite quote is from Coco Chanel: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."

5. Which Disney Princess are you?
I am...

You are Ariel. You are beautiful but impaired. At times you are naive. Still, your innocence and good heart make you sought after and loved.
(Beautiful but "impaired?"  What does that even mean?  Should I be insulted?  I posted a similar quiz on my mystery writing blog, SouthernCityMysteries, a while back.  It said I was Belle: bookish but incredibly pretty.  I think I'll stick with that one! Click here for that post/quiz.)

Have fun!!

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Rachel said...

Hmmmm, I'm Classy too, but we're :

You're Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Save your quiz results
You're a contradiction in terms, as glamorous and unapproachable as you are open, selfless, and real. Generous to a fault -- you're the sorts who'd sell precious family photos to benefit charity but sic your henchman on anybody who tries to take them free of charge. You're equally comfortable during a black tie night out on the town as you are out among the people, determined to change the world for the better.

BTW, I enjoyed dressing Aerial for her tea party. Oh, was I supposed to do that with a child b/c I rather like my pick without Lydia's input.

Michele Emrath said...

Too funny! And I won't compare you to Brangelina too much...;)