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August 31, 1949: Richard Gere, the star of such films as An Officer and a Gentleman, Pretty Woman and Chicago, is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Monday, January 11

To plan or not to plan

What shall I do today that is beautiful?

I think I will venture into historic downtown Apex, take in a little Gentle Yoga, walk along the shop fronts and enjoy the wares (who really says that anymore, anyway?).  And then perhaps a Latte at a refurbished coffeeshop, settling my stretched and aching bones upon a rather uncomfortable red, velvet sofa.  The Victorian angles of it are quite inviting, especially in contrast to the brick walls and shabby chic-ness attained during the reincarnation of this old building.

What can I do for someone else?

I don't have any particular plans.  I hope something falls my way.  What about you?  Do you plan to do beautiful things for others, or do they just happen?  Do you have to plan to do beautiful things for yourself, or do you just hope and pray they happen?

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Michele Emrath said...

Too cold to window show...And "gentle" yoga wasn't so gentle...And I was STARVING, so coffee shop turned into lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant. Wonderful bowl of chips and cheese dip all to myself! How good for me was that? Not very! If only the little bookshop in the historic district had been open I might have saved a few calories.

But in the line of doing beautiful things for others, I tipped 80%. It was a lovely lunch, near perfect in its peace.